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Please use the form below to submit a photo that you feel represents “the very best of Flickr”. If I don’t post your photo submission, don’t feel bad… it doesn’t mean it’s not great. It might not meet my criteria below, or I might just feel that it’s not a good fit for what I’m doing here. Or I might just be feeling really lazy and will post it later.

There are a few criteria I require of all photo submissions:

1. The owner of the photo must have photo downloading ENABLED. You can see if this is true or not by going to Actions > View all sizes (located directly above the photo). If it says “The owner has disabled downloading of their photos” next to Download then I have to respect that and I can’t post the photo here.

2. The minimum photo size is Large 1024.

3. The photos should contain no watermarks, logos, or website addresses, but a small “Copyright ©” notice is fine.

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