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[#133 explored] dog and the yawn effect

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[#133 explored] dog and the yawn effect

I saw some pics with similar post production effect and I was wondering for a week how to do that… I have searched for tutorial but did not find anything. I have photoshop but I am not very good at using it. Anyway, I have found someone who said that used the dodge tool, first for the highlights, than for the midtones and finally for the shadows. I have played around the whole evening with different brushes, different sizes and used an exposure from 3 to 70. This is the result… I like it!!!! I am really happy I managed to come to this result!

this is one of the sharpest shots I have managed to get with my old 1000D, using a Canon 35mm.

#133 Explored on 16/07/2012

by kingamesaros

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